>Natasha’s SWOT Analysis 9.2.10  

>Two weeks ago I proposed that we all participate in creating an individual personal SWOT Analysis to look at our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in our personal lives so that we can see how to build upon our ‘pluses’ and turn our ‘minuses’ into ‘pluses’. The goal was to list 10-20 traits in each category, but if we had less than 10 or more than 20… we wouldn’t worry one second! 

Below is my SWOT, as you can clearly see in some areas I have more than 20, and in other areas I’m right at 14 or less. These traits of course are not listed in any particular order; just whatever came to mind first. The ultimate goal is to leverage all four areas to my advantage and overall growth…sooner than later.

We have to be real with ourselves. Don’t hold back and don’t sugar coat this analysis, you will only be doing yourself a disservice. Many of your traits you may initially overlook or categorize incorrectly; but rest assure that family and friends are never far off the mark with their assessments about you. Be sure (if you haven’t already done so) to share your SWOT with me, and if you want you can post as a comment or simply request that I post yours for other readers to see, and find any commonalities. Also take time to share with a few family members and friends to get their insight. It will be interesting to see what they have to say. 

Natasha’s SWOT Analysis 9.2.10     


1. Results-driven
2. Efficient
3. Realist
4. Creative
5. Go-to person (get it done type)
6. Analytical
7. Sense of humor
8. Humility
9. Work well with people
10. Great vision
11. Insight
12. Live with multi-cultural perspective 
13. Gracious
14. Huge heart
15. Considerate
16. Loving
17. Organized
18. Trustworthy
19. Trusting
20. Common sense
21. Street smart
22. Can mix and mingle in any setting 
23. Can speak to anyone on any level (communicate with business professionals, academics and the layperson)
24. Effective teacher/instructor/trainer
25. When I’m told I can’t do something I focus my energy on proving that I can
26. Degrees in Black Studies, MBA with marketing specialization, and currently pursuing my Doctorate in Organization and Management with a management education specialization, and a certificate in college teaching


1. Can let fear stop me in my tracks
2. Issues with asking for help (don’t ask enough)
3. Impatient
4. Procrastination
5. Not comfortable ‘networking’
6. Sometimes see the glass half empty
7. Don’t know how to say “no” enough
8. Sometimes struggle with disconnecting from ‘work’ to enjoy life
9. Stubborn
10. Opinionated
11. Don’t put ‘self’ first (second to God) enough 
12. Bite my tongue when I should speak up and speak out (in my personal and professional life)
13. Don’t charge clients what I’m worth
14. Don’t value my time enough
15. Miss opportunities that could propel me to my goals faster and sooner 
16. Sometimes doubt myself
17. May compromise myself into total dissatisfaction 
18. Lower my standards too often
19. Have issues with dealing with loss (never grieve in healthy way)
20. Carry around too much stress
21. Sometimes have difficulty delegating (“might as well do it myself if I want it done right the first time”)
22. In my past, gifts and favors from men came with a constant disclaimer “I got this for you…I did this for you” so I have issues/reservations with accepting gifts and favors from men. I’d rather get/do it myself or not have it
23. Not good with saving and investing money properly (inconsistent)
24. Don’t work out on a consistent basis with the intensity required to reach and maintain my desired goals
25. Not finishing everything I start
26. Control freak


1. Opportunity to develop and grow my companies to the level where I have several employees handling multiple client accounts with limited or no supervision from me; and operations are so efficient that I can travel for pleasure at my leisure
2. College teaching position (teaching online, distance, and traditional on-campus business classes) 
3. Increasing my patience; notice a significant difference now than two years ago (and especially five years ago)
4. Marriage and family 
5. Regular vacations lasting 7 (+) days
6. Ability to travel more globally, even for business
7. Re-build global client base
8. Live life to its fullest; enjoying all the small wonders it has to offer that I currently overlook because I’m too overwhelmed with the nuances of life.
9. Re-build my nest egg
10. Finally get one of my books finished and published
11. Purchasing several family and income properties 
12. More speaking, mentoring and tutoring opportunities    
13. Meeting prospective clients through referrals
14. Gaining additional mentors and advisors to help guide me


1. Other companies/consultants can have competitive advantage because they don’t delay making contact and sharing their services with prospective clients
2. Miss opportunities to excel in career because of my fears
3. By not adequately and efficiently leveraging my strengths and weaknesses towards a truly successful and rewarding career (with considerable financial gains) I risk overwhelming amounts of personal debt
4. My personal hang ups prevent me from having the life I desire (marriage and family; and financial security)
5. Too much planning and not enough action will result in great ideas that never amount to anything but great ideas
6. Losing focus and never getting one of my books finished and published 

Wow now that is quite a bit to reflect on. My next post we will do exactly that and I will explain how to take your SWOT and make it work for you. Until next time have an awesome day!

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “>Natasha’s SWOT Analysis 9.2.10  

  1. >Hi Natasha!Trust you had a great and enjoyable time. Scuba diving – way to go – that is so cool! Wrapping up my personal SWOT Analysis. Will post soon. Thought about you when I read this column written by the New York Time's David Broder. The Summoned Self – http://nyti.ms/aqOZne It was actually published on by birthday. Speaking of birthday's, I see that you are a Scorpion. You have a birthday coming up soon, your 35th – "Woo hoo!" What day is it on? I found David's piece to be rather interesting. The timing of it all. Things that you have recently written about and inviting us to participate by doing our own personal SWOT Analysis. Appreciate you so much. Thanks for sharing. Well I've gotta go, need to get back to finishing up mine.With Warm Regards,Anthony

  2. >Anthony’s Personal SWOT AnalysisFirst of all, please allow me to express my deepest gratitude to you Natasha. You are an incredible, wonderful, and highly valued gift to each and every one of us. We thank the LORD the for you! Well, here we go, my personal SWOT Analysis. I can of followed your model, by just listing thoughts as they came to mind. I found in interesting, but not surprising, that there is a lot commonality between our personal SWOT analysis:STRENGHT’S1. The ability to hear God.2. The ability to recognize greatness in others.3. The ability to lead & inspire others.4. Loving.5. Kind.6. Patient.7. Compassionate.8. Humble.9. Loyal.10. Good listener.11. Good Communicator.12. Giving.13. Visionary.14. Mediator.15. Diligent.16. Creative.17. Discerning.18. Strategic Thinker.19. Multicultural.20. Can mix & mingle on any level.21. Seasoned Judgment.22. Entrepreneur minded.23. Good Marketing skills.24. Degree’s in Geology, Christian Apologetic’s, Candidate for the PhD in Philanthropy & Leadership.25. Good Public Speaker.26. Good Teaching /Mentoring Skills.27. Good Reasoning Skills.28. Politically Savvy29. Organized30. Excellent HealthWEAKNESSES1. A tendency in the past to sell my self short in personal relationships – (unequally yoked intellectually, emotional maturity level).2. Not fasting enough.3. Not spending enough time praying for those that have authority over us.4. Not spending enough time with family.5. Not spending enough time preaching & teaching the Word of God.6. Not spending enough time on the Mission field.7. Not spending enough time doing Market Place Ministry. (Hosting my Radio Broadcast on BlogTalk Radio. Providing Analysis & Perspective as a Commentator on CNN, MSNBC, & FOX on Radical Islam and Homeland Security Issues.8. Not spending enough time with the fatherless, widows, strangers in need, the poor, praying for the sick & the incarcerated.9. Not spending enough time developing and utilizing my writing skills as an Author, and getting published.10. Not spending enough time reading and studying in general.11. Not spending enough time creating wealth, so that I can be a blessing to others.12. Allowing personal matters to distract me from staying focused on my God given assignments.

  3. >OPPORTUNITIES1. To plant and support Churches around the world focused on fulfilling the Great Commission.2. To launch a nationwide initiative in collaboration with FEMA, the Red Cross, & the Department of Homeland Security, designed to raise awareness regarding the importance of Emergency Preparedness – (every family should have an emergency plan in place, in the event of a National Crisis due to a Terrorist attack).3. To get my Brand – IBNJC – to the Market place, and to use that revenue to fund the projects listed above and the establishment of a Foundation dedicated to sharing the love of Christ, eradicating poverty, disease, and ignorance worldwide.4. To get a book deal, for my project entitled, “How I found God in My Aunt’s Back Yard. “ The story of how I converted to Christianity from Islam (there’s like a zillion books inside of me).5. Most importantly, I believe with all of my heart, that sooner than later, I will meet my P31! God has been preparing us for each other, and we will both “know” and understand without in doubt, that He” has joined us together.” She’s in her mid-30’s! Our marriage will be the model of what the LORD intended from the very beginning marriage and family should be. We shall know the joy and blessings of a “one flesh relationship & covenant,” and leave our children’s, children’s an inheritance!6. I believe that if the LORD should tarry, He will grant me a long life, that He will bless and prosper me, and allow me to die with my wife and family at my side.THREATS1. The Prince of Darkness knows who I am, and he will do all that he can to distract me from fulfilling my God given assignments…but praise be unto God, I already have the victory through Christ Jesus!

  4. >Anthony,Thank you so much for sharing your SWOT Analysis. Yes, it is interesting how we share various traits. Knowing our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats puts us one step closer to reaching our goals. I'm sure you will successfully leverage your SWOT to your advantage. I will read the Broder article and respond shortly. Thank you for sharing.Yes, I do have a birthday coming up- October 27th. I look forward to spending it with my loved ones. Aaaah, yes I enjoyed my trip and scuba diving was pretty cool. My next round in the deep blue ocean will be quite an experience!Thank you for sharing your SWOT Anthony! Have a blessed evening and week!Natasha

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