>A Blast From My Past: A Note to Self

>About a week ago my mother was going through an old sketch pad that I shared with my dad and she ran across a note I had written five years ago. Read the words below and share your thoughts…


They can’t run off of your fuel- nor can they become something just because you believe that they can. Some things (and people) no matter how wonderful they were at one time MUST GO!

High-maintenance relationships drain YOU.

You CAN’T teach someone to care.

The person who DOESN’T have the passion for your purpose is in the wrong place!

Business- it has to be more than the money
Marriage- it has to be more than sex, status, or financial gain

1) Confront 2) Correct 3) Compromise or 4) Cut-off

Severing relationships   

Just because you have a past with someone doesn’t mean that you have a healthy future! Especially if the answer is NO to:

Do they share my dreams, goals and hopes for the future?

What are our common goals? Do we have any?

Do they include as a priority MY well-being?

Does our relationship raise me up and along the road to success?

Are they going my way?

Do they have direction?

Are they wasting one of my most precious commodities? TIME

What is amazing is in the middle of this note I created a list of names. On one side it listed four of my closest female friends who I had healthy relationships with; on the other side I listed three friends who I had unhealthy relationships with. I had to make a decision who to keep and who to let go (or put on the back burner). Five years later those three women that I had an unhealthy relationship with barely have a place in my life other than irregular communication over the Internet. The four friends I had healthy relationships with I communicate with on a regular basis. We may not see each other regularly, but we stay in touch by phone, email, text, etc.

Sometimes it is necessary to clean house and fly with other birds that are more like you…chickens and pigeons have no business trying to soar with eagles…and vice versa!

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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