>Change in the World

>Monday evening I had the honor of attending the premiere of the documentary, Change in the World, part of the Andrew Young Presents series. The film is narrated and produced by the great Ambassador Young, Directed by CB Hackworth, and features the voices of Martin Luther King, III, Jasmine Guy, Jennifer Holliday, David Oyelowo, Ted Turner, and Joanne Woodward.

Change in the World highlights former President of Morehouse College, Dr. Benjamin Mays and his relationship and influences on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Margaret Mitchell (acclaimed author of Gone with the Wind), Maynard Jackson, Hank and Billye Aaron, and other American greats. Some of us know of the many contributions Dr. Mays made during and after his Presidency at Morehouse College, what the majority of us did not know was of his affiliation with Mrs. Margaret Mitchell during a time when whites and blacks associated publicly in clearly defined roles…never as peers, colleagues, associates or friends.

To hear how Dr. Mays and Margaret Mitchell were able to collaborate to help elevate Morehouse College through private scholarships provided by Mitchell was amazing. This secret arrangement impacted the lives of many young African-American men then and even now, 60 years later. Mays and Mitchell’s desire to provide an equal opportunity for all people also afforded the eventual development of the Morehouse College School of Medicine. I won’t share more as you will have to hear and see the story for yourself in the next few months.

Beginning in September the Andrew Young Foundation in partnership with the Morehouse Leadership Center will be offering a leadership seminar- Social & Political Change in the 20th Century which will host four sessions from September to November to the public in the Executive Conference Center Auditorium on the Morehouse campus.

Be sure to check the Andrew Young Foundation and Morehouse College websites for more details.

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman.

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