>Updated my Website

>Finally…I have updated my website http://natashaforeman.info with current information about yours truly, and the consulting services you know you want and need!

I initially launched the site to appease a few folks who missed my G4 Consulting Group, site…and for a couple of other reasons. Eventually I will develop a model site that is more comprehensive of the business structures I have and that I’m currently working on, but until then ‘what you see is what you get‘…

Let me address some questions since I have your attention:

1. Yes, I work with small and mid-sized businesses, with freelance consultants and solo practitioners.

2. Yes, I can work at your office (or home office) or at mine.

3. Yes, there are discounts if I work at my home office…so consider that option, especially since I work varied hours and the more flexibility I have the easier it will be for me to complete your project!

4. No, I don’t just work with businesses and solo practitioners, I also work with everyday working folk who need help with their home and/or home office; they need help with balancing their responsibilities; they need to delegate but don’t know where to go and with whom to speak. There’s an easy solution to that problem…it’s me!

5. Yes, my services are affordable. I will say that I’m not the perfect fit for everyone. You will get what you pay for. So the more efficient, effective and efficacious your expectations, the more you should consider and want to invest in your future (whether personally or professionally).

Simply put, don’t expect $5k(+) monthly service on a $500 per month budget.
I’m also not saying that just because your budget is $500/month you should expect anything less than superb work from me…but privileges and services are of course more restrictive. Don’t expect the “hook-up” and free services. I don’t give hand-outs.
So be reasonable and logical folks! I hope that all makes sense.

Now let’s continue shall we?

6. No, I don’t have a list of rates. My services are not “cookie cutter“, each client and each project is different…so after assessing your needs in relation to other variables I then provide you with a proposal outlining the services I can provide and your associated cost or “investment” if you like the play on words.

Hope I answered your questions, I look forward to the feedback, and if anyone wants to invest the added time and creativity of developing a site for me…”Give me the hook-up…especially on a flash site” haaaaa

Seriously, check out the site. It’s for informational purposes only (hence the “.info” following my name) and for current clients to log-in and conduct online business with me. For specific details on rates, availability, a complete list of services, etc please visit the site and shoot me an email.

Natasha L. Foreman

Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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