>Today’s Word and Idiom…plus a BONUS!


Today’s Word of the Day is:

“A plethora of escapes from supposedly secure prisons embarrassed the hapless wardens”

“The hapless contest winner was unable to locate the lucky ticket”

Today’s Idiom of the Day is:

“Pyrrhic victory”
A too costly victory

“King Pyrrhus defeated the Romans but his losses were extremely heavy”

“In heavy fighting the troops managed to recapture the hill, but it could only be considered a Pyrrhic victory”

Since I missed posting a word and idiom for yesterday….

Today’s Double-Header Word of the Day is:
Secret, stealthy

“Casting a furtive glance over his shoulder, the prisoner slipped out the main prison gate to be swallowed up in the fog.”

“In a furtive manner she removed her shoes and tiptoed up to her room”

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