>Almost Fell to My Knees Today


Wow the power of positive thinking, believing, and absolute surrender is amazing! I have these post-it notes on my laptop and bathroom mirror that declare what exactly God will bless me with this week, in two weeks, and during this month. On my dry erase board in my home office I have written, “God ALWAYS provides!” the amount of money I need this week, and what needs to be taken care of by January 23rd. At the bottom of the board it says, “Believe & Surrender”.
Can I share something absolutely amazing that happened to me today?
I’m going to make this long tear-jerker into something short, sweet, and…well you may still shed a tear…a small one at least….I was on the phone earlier today with a woman who has been not only close to me through relation but also as a mentor, and role model. Without telling her that I needed help, it was as though she read my mind and immediately offered her assistance. Don’t interrupt…I know that’s God’s handy work…let’s stay focused…Now let me shed some light on a few things for you- we were laughing about something completely off-topic and she then mentioned giving me a graduation gift. What did she give me? Two special blessings! One of which is the opportunity to attend a large event celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday- as they honor the contributions of Quincy Jones.
Now it’s not just the fact that I have the opportunity to attend the event that moved me (even though I know several people who are pulling their hair to get tickets to this event)- No…it’s the fact that just a couple of days ago I wrote on one of my post-it notes, “God will open doors for me in my career this month” and in less than two days she has made arrangements for me to be re-introduced to a man I have admired for over 20 years, while also being introduced to other phenomenal leaders and philanthropists who will be in attendance, and who I will have an opportunity to connect with and see how I can best serve within our communities.

It does not stop there; she also made it possible a couple of weeks ago for me to make contact with another great, caring man that I will be having a one-on-one meeting with this week. I hope to volunteer with his organization and meet people along the way who can open more doors that will directly influence my career. Those doors are opening for me people…only a fool wouldn’t walk through them!

As I’m speaking with her on the phone I begin to get choked up knowing that all of this was possible because of God. He had already put things in motion for me, I just needed to believe and surrender. As I continued our talk my lips began to quiver as I tried unsuccessfully to hold back my tears. Soon all I found myself repeating was, “thank you so much”. When our call ended I burst into tears and just kept thanking God for his grace.  I almost fell to my knees my body was so weak from this overwhelming sense of joy and thankfulness. I was sobbing and saying to Him, “I never stopped believing…I believe…I surrender…thank you Lord…” and then I called my mom and sister and shared the glorious news!
Don’t ever tell me what God can’t do, because He’s showing out for me right now!
Copyright © 2010 by Natasha L. Foreman. All rights reserved.

*Note: Picture of opening door was retrieved online from


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  1. >Nice accompanying photographs.

  2. >Heartfelt testimony.

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