>Praising During Sunshine and Storms

>”God is good- all the time” we have all heard and said this phrase, this declaration, countless times but do we truly understand the depth of that statement? Do we understand the weight of each word as you say it, digest it and make it a part of your very essence and way of life? “God” “IS” “Good” “ALL THE TIME”…not some of the time, not just during the Playoffs or Superbowl, not just when you get out of that speeding ticket…ALL OF THE TIME!

With that I must stir this proverbial pot a tad by saying, don’t just praise His name when good things come your way. Praise Him when you’re in life’s quicksand and you don’t know what to do…when you feel like life is about to suck the last breath out of you…praise Him then also because if you haven’t learned in your 18+ years of life that God answers all prayers- it may not be when you want it but it will be when you need it.

So although I love hearing people say “God is good Natasha” when something great has happened; let me hear it when you don’t know how you’ll put gas in your car, or don’t know where your next meal will come from, or how you will get to work tomorrow since the bus does not run in your area….Praise Him!

Copyright © 2010 by Natasha L. Foreman. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “>Praising During Sunshine and Storms

  1. >i can't help but feel like i was supposed to stop by your blog today and read this particular post.thank you.

  2. >You're very welcome! Thank you for visiting! 🙂

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