>It’s been Over a Week…Still Can’t Get Over 2009!


So how many of you keep typing and writing “2009” (and the many variations) instead of properly acknowledging that we are indeed in a new year…2010?
I laugh as I notice the files with the wrong dates attached, even one of my blogs had a January 2009 date before I posted it online. How many more weeks must I stop and double-check if I am putting the right date in my correspondence? I will say it is a good thing I no longer write checks, because that would be a challenge…how do you change zero and nine to a one and zero without it looking “suspect”?

I’m still laughing inside because I know that by the time I get this down “pat” half the year will pass me by and I will have to accept that another new year will be fast approaching. Anyone have suggestions besides “slow down” or “say it aloud before you write or type the date”? I do think that the latter option would work wonders…as long as I’m not saying it too loud where other people stop and stare.… I think I will readdress this issue in a few weeks and see how I am doing with this dilemma.
Copyright © 2010 by Natasha L. Foreman. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “>It’s been Over a Week…Still Can’t Get Over 2009!

  1. >although it's pictured as numbers i usually refer to the year as 'twenty ten,' and that has helped tremendously.

  2. >Funny that you mentioned that Don…the past two days I keep saying "twenty ten" and it's helped. I think that if I keep this up I won't find myself in March still writing 2009! LOLThanks for the tip!

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